Resources about Electrification & Bioheat® Fuel

Looking to learn more about what electrification means, why all-electric might not be the best solution for a carbon-free future, and how Bioheat® fuel is a better solution? Check out our resource library to get the facts about electrification and Bioheat® fuel.


Bioheat® Fuel vs. All-Electric

There’s a Better way to Leave a Better Planet for Our Children

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A Responsible Path to Renewable Heat

Green Schemes PDF

Green Scheme: The Climate Action Council’s Climate Transition Cost Analysis

Heat Pump Information

Electric Heat Pumps*

Environmental Benefits of Biodiesel

Environmental Benefits of Biodiesel*

The closer you look Bioheat

The Closer You Look at Bioheat® Fuel*

Greenhouse Gas and Feedstock Facts

Greenhouse Gas and Feedstock Facts*

Cost of Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps

*Source: The National Biodiesel Board

Recent Articles

Letter to the Editor: Renewable fuel must be part of state’s goals

The Times Union recently published several opinion articles promoting all-electric energy solutions to the climate crisis that failed to address acknowledged issues with grid reliability and ignored other green-energy solutions. While electrification is a laudable path, renewable liquid fuels are equally effective, cost the homeowner less, and will not put additional stress on the electric grid.


Energy Consumer Group Flags Risk of Forced Electrification

Decarbonising US heating will require an “exorbitant cost”, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) warns, calling on the government to have a more pragmatic approach to the challenge that protects consumer choice.


New York Leads America off a Renewable-Energy Cliff

Read this opinion piece from Wall Street Journal that discusses New York’s untapped resources and how the liquid fuels industry can actually play a part in reducing emissions while providing residents with affordable energy options.


Energy Consumer Group Flags Risk of Forced Electrification

Decarbonising US heating will require an “exorbitant cost”, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) warns, calling on the government to have a more pragmatic approach to the challenge that protects consumer choice… The cost of electrifying these systems would exceed $258bn, Michael Butler, mid-Atlantic director for CEA, tells Gas Pathways.


Another Voice: Banning natural gas would be damaging to New York

Check out this piece that addresses New York’s plans to ban traditional fuel sources in favor of electricity. Keeping our energy options diverse is the best option for the state.

Commentary: There’s a big supply problem in New York’s energy plan

This op-ed piece addresses concerns if the supply for heat and electricity can meet demand under the stipulations of New York’s current energy plan.


Congrats, You’ve Won a Higher Electric Bill!

Check out this opinion piece that discusses how the city of Yonkers, NY automatically switched residents over to a renewable utility, without expressly disclosing how the switch could increase homeowners’ electric bills.



New York to require biodiesel blending with heating oil in 2022
New York will become the largest state to enact a biodiesel blending requirement for heating oil, according to legislation recently passed in the state. Petroleum-based heating oil sold in the state beginning in July 2022 will need to be mixed with increasing amounts of biodiesel in order to help achieve New York’s goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


The Benefits of Heating with Today’s Green Fuels
With concerns about global warming and the impact of the heating industry on the ride, consumers and commercial representatives alike are in need of new alternatives that are more environmentally conscious. Luckily, there is a solution on the horizon of the heating market in the form of two innovative new fuels: biodiesel and renewable diesel.

Government Justice Center Sues Long Island Power Authority and South Fork Wind
The Government Justice Center (GJC) has filed a complaint on behalf of Long Island ratepayers against the Long Island Power Authority and South Fork Wind because of concerns regarding the cost of the proposed South Fork Wind project. 

Are Upstate NY residents paying for clean energy in New York City?
CBS News 6 covers the concerns that residents in Upstate New York are paying an unfair amount for the renewable energy infrastructure in New York City.

The debate on green energy costs in NY
Claims are that the state’s ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gases will yield billions of dollars in economic benefits, but a new analysis finds it could lead to a net cost of up to $300 billion. Read this article to hear from multiple sources on the Climate Law and its pros and cons for New York State. 


Growth of electric vehicles endangering rain forests
NBC News investigates how the growing efforts to mine nickel to help power electric vehicles are putting rainforests across the world at risk. It’s a reminder that even clean energy comes with an environmental cost.

Can N.Y.’s electrical grid handle major energy shift going forward?
NYISO, the organization responsible for overseeing the state’s high-voltage electricity grid and its wholesale electricity markets. How will the electricity grid hold up to increased demand from electric vehicles and more demand?


New England’s power system is at ‘heightened risk’ heading into winter.
During the winter, New England’s electric grid is at greater risk for outages caused by extended periods of cold weather. If electricity demand goes up, the risk for outages could be even higher.


Renewable diesel producers prepare for Thanksgiving
Holidays like Thanksgiving cause biodiesel producers to prep for a surge in used cooking oil which is a valuable resource used to make renewable biodiesel.

A Forced March to Electrification for New York?
The New York State Assembly this week adopted a bill requiring that all new passenger cars and trucks sold in the state be “zero-emissions”—that is, fully electric-powered—by 2035.

Heat-pump promise falls short for North Babylon ratepayer
Heat-pumps fail to deliver savings. Consumers should be asking questions, as one New York homeowner learned after an expensive conversion to electric heat.

Bill to Require All-Electric Buildings in New York State Gets a Jump-Start
State lawmakers are pushing a more sweeping measure that would require new buildings across the state to be all-electric by 2024.

How Much Does Whole-Home Electrification Cost?
Based on study findings, all-electric homes cost more upfront in comparison to gas homes. Electric homes in cold climates were also found to have higher ongoing utility costs.

Top 10 Reasons All-Electric Is a Bad Idea
Politicians and government officials at every level seem to be entranced these days by a specific goal when it comes to pushing forward on clean energy: shifting to an all-electric energy system.

The Grid Isn’t Ready for Electric Cars
America’s electric grid will be sorely challenged by the need to deliver clean power to electric cars. Today, it barely functions in times of ordinary stress, and fails altogether too often for comfort.

Nearly Half of Texas’s Wind Turbines Frozen In Winter Storm, Limiting State’s Power Output
The overall power output of Texas has declined after nearly half of the state’s wind turbines were frozen in a recent winter storm.

A Deep Green Freeze
Gas and power prices have spiked across the central US while Texas regulators ordered rolling blackouts as an arctic blast has frozen wind turbines. The less we use fossil fuels, the more we need them.